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Honourees 2012

Prayer 2000 and The National Christian Lifetime Awards Council, honoured nineteen (19) lifetime achievers, celebrating the goodness of our God through their lives. "Showing Kindness, Recognizing Faithfulness." (Click on an image to see a larger version of it)

  • Missionary Ferdinand Mahfood
    Catholic missionary, Co-founder and former Presidentof Food for the Poor International. A product of the Caribbean and a successful businessman, he discovered that God needed him to be a “beggar for the poor”. Following a visit to the Eventide Home, a home in Jamaica for individuals whose age and disabilities rendered them incapable of taking care of themsaelves, he established Food for the Poor International in 1982. His 30 years of service to the poor locally, regionally, and internationally have been invaluable. Initially, the organization’s objective was to provide food for the poor. Subsequent acquaintances with extreme levels of poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America led him to not only establish other facilities within the region but also to allocate more resources. Under guidance from Almighty God, he sought and received donations of money and supplies and received donations of money and supplies and was able to distribute health care supplies, clothing, homes and subsidies to orphanages for educational purposes. Ferdinand Mahfood retired in 2000 due to ill health but the organization which he started, Food for the Poor, is now at age 75, he remains committed to his wife Patty and their three children.
  • Rev. Dr. Audley Neville James
    Bishop and Pastor, associated with the Revival Time Tabernacie Worldwide Ministries and af¬filiated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in Toronto, Canada, Born in Wake¬field Trelawny, he later migrated to Toronto. He commenced ministry at the age of 43 years, was ordained in 1978 and has given 32 years of invaluable service to the Jamaican Dias-pora. The founder of 3 churches; the Reviva Time Tabernacle, Downsview, Ontario; Reviva Time Tabernacle, Pickering, Ontario and Re¬vival Time Tabernacle, Hamilton, Ontario, Rev. Dr. James has held several positions in the Church serving as Deacon, Elder, Pastor and Bishop. He is the Chaplain of the Jamaica National Building Society in Canada; a board member of the Solpo Sickle Cell Foundation and President of the Hope Villa, a non-profit organization with focus on providing housing. He is also the Chairman of the Elders Council of the African Union 6th Region, Toronto. His outreach projects include the organization of Caribbean concerts for the past 24 years. He built the first church building in the Black com¬munity in Ontario, a benefit that had been denied for 129 years and has fostered relation¬ships with high commissions and consulates in the Caribbean communities and Africa for the benefit of citizens from those countries living in Canada. He is a dynamic and innovative min¬ister who was privileged to address the 7th ses¬sion of the Pan African Parliament in May 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This servant has assisted and nurtured several young pastors in Toronto. He is married to Rosenda for 44 years and has three children.
  • Father Richard Ryan Ho Lung
    Ordained Priest and World Missionary associ¬ated with the Catholic Church. He is a recipi¬ent of the Order of Distinction (1990), Order of Jamaica (2008) and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Award (2003) amongst many other awards both nationally and internation¬ally. Founder of the esteemed organization, Missionaries of the Poor, a true servant, sold out to his God and to people, he commenced ministry in 1961 and was ordained at the Jesuit Novitiate in 1971. His 51 years of ministry has benefited Jamaica and the world. For seven years, he served as priest at the St. Thomas Aguinas, Mono-but recognizing the call on his life to serve victims of abject poverty, he later directed his endeavours towards provid¬ing care for the less fortunate. A distinguished scholar, he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and English; Masters Degree in Philosophy, in English and in Theology and an honorary Doctorate in Humanities from Syra¬cuse University. He has lectured in the fields of English, Theology and Religion. Father Ho Lung established Jamaica Mission in 1981, an estab¬lishment geared towards providing amenities (housing, food, health care, education) to the poor. He later founded similar missions in the Phillipines, India, Haiti, Kenya and Indonesia. His publications, productions and recordings are world re-known - seeking to transcend the confines of religion, address social controver¬sies as well as identify suitable resolutions. His ,!Diary of a Ghetto Priest" has been published in the Daily Gleaner from as far back as 1988. Under his leadership, several musical produc¬tions have been staged, namely JESUS 2000 (noted as one of the best productions in the history of Jamaican Theatre); Moses; YES! and most recently - Acts of the Apostles. He pro¬duced 20 original musical productions, plays and operas which have captured the interests of large audiences both locally and interna¬tionally. His iove and passion for God have en¬abled him to touch the lives of countless and inspire the many missionaries who have been encouraged to join him in service.
  • Rev. Dr. Gerald Osborne Gallimore
    Pastor and Evangelist at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Miami, Florida. His ministry commenced in 1955 with the Jamaica Youth for Christ - a Christian movement committed to sharing the gospel with young people. He was later ordained in 1969 at the Bethel Baptist Church as an Evangelist. His 57 years of service to the youth both in Jamaica and worldwide is invaluable. A successful graduate of the Col-lege of Arts, Science and Technology (now UTECH), Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary (USA), he was conferred with an honorary Doctorate in 1994 from the Caribbean Gradu-ate School of Theology (CGST). "Uncle Gerry" as he was popularly called, gave up a career in pharmaceutical sales at age 31 to serve fulltime in Christian Ministry. He was a pioneer of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, chairing it for 5 years and being guest speaker on 2 occasions. He chaired the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusades in 1973 and 1980-result-ing in thousands of lives being saved and also chaired the Congress on the Evangelization of the Caribbean (CONECAR) in 1984 and 1988 for which he was subsequently appointed Honorary Chairman. His noteworthy work with the Youth for Christ (YFC) movement has seen him move from Director of the Jamaica YFC in 1969 to being elected as World Head of YFC International in 1990 - the first non-American or Third World citizen to hold that position since the organization was founded in the USA in 1945. He was appointed as YFC International Ambassador in 1996 and now chairs the USA Board of YFC International. Rev. Dr. Gallimore currently pastors the Metropolitan Baptist Church, a growing congregation in Holly-wood, Florida. He has been married to Sonia for 49 years and they have three children.
  • Dr. William
    Pastor, Evangelist, Journalist, Bible Teacher, Lecturer - currently associated with the Miami Gospel Chapel Worship Centre, his ministry commenced in 1954 at Galilee Gospel Hall, in Kingston 2 where he served as a Sunday School Teacher at 16 years old and years later as an elder, was entrusted with the responsi-bility of Sunday School Superintendent. His 58 years of service to the Kingdom of God has extended nationally and internationally. He obtained a diploma in Mass Communication from the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC); a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science, History and Philosophy (UWI) and a Masters Degree in Sys¬tematic Theology from the Atlantic College and Theological Seminary in Nassau, Bahamas (1994). He was subsequently awarded honorary Doctorates by Virginia University and Atlantic College. Professionally, he has had careers in Journalism, Public Relations and Teaching, serving as Vice President of the Press Association of Jamaica. Dr. Hall has also made immeasurable contri¬butions to Christian ministries in Jamaica and the Caribbean. He served as Pastor/Mission¬ary at the Atlantic College and Theological Seminary and Associate Pastor/Pastor at the Church of the Covenant in the Bahamas from 1996 - 2000. Although retired and currently residing in Florida, USA, he makes annual visits to the Caribbean to conduct special training seminars on leadership and communication skills. This, he believes safeguards the effective transmission of the Gospel. His publications include: "The Seven Words from the Cross" and since 1981 he has been a producer of the popular radio program "Look at Life" - a production of the Assemblies of Christian Brethren in Jamaica. He continues to serve in the areas of evangelism and teaching and has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals. He hds been married to Marjorie for 51 years and they have five children.
  • Bishop Dr. Carmen Lois STEWART O.J., O.D., J.P.
    Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher associated with the Pentecostal Gospel Temple family of churches. She commenced ministry in 1963 at age 39 pastoring at the Pentecostal Gospel Temple at 111 Windward Road and later pastoring the Pentecosta Gospel Temple Ministries in Margate, Florida in 1998. 49 years of service to the people of God. She founded eleven branches of the Pentecostal Gospel Temple over the period 1963 - 2008 both locally and in the USA and served as Chairman of the Board of the Pentecostal Gospel Temple up until 2010. Accredited by the University of Carolina with a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Public Health, she served her nation as Director/ Health Educator at the Bureau of Health Education in the Ministry of Health, and is the Editor of the published work - "Primary Health Care in Jamaica." Jamaica has benefited from her years of service as the Custos Rotolorum for the parish of St. Andrew. In an effort to unify the Body of Christ, she played a major role in the formation of the radio station, Love 101 FM and the establishment of the Jamaica Pentecostal Union. Bishop Stewart has been involved in the establishment of several outreach programmes in the Kingston 2 area including a Home for the Aged, Basic School and Skills Training Centre. She remains faithful to her calling, and continues to impact and transform lives. She was married for 9 years to the late Rev. Wilbert Stewart, who pre¬deceased her and has two children.
  • Bishop Enoch Sanford CORNWALL
    Bishop, Pastor, Parish Overseer - associated with the Church of God of Prophecy in Jamaica - in particular his Melrose Gardens, Mandeville. He commenced ministry in 1961, serving initially as an Evangelist in Beacon Hill, St. Catherine and has dedicated a total of 51 years to Christian Ministry. Trained in Biblical Studies at the Bible Training Institute, Bishop Cornwall is the founder of 4 churches including the Old Harbour Road Church of God of Prophecy and has pastored 26 congregations. He has served for over 20 years on the Administrative Board of the Church of God of Prophecy in Jamaica. Desiring effective change in his community, he launched in the Comfort Community, a feeding programme for the elderly and less fortunate, a Computer lab to provide access to Internet and other computer related facilities, and established the Mandeville Skills Training Programme to provide skills for individuals who were not successful in academic pursuits. His publication: 'From Obscurity to Prominence" is a work in progress. He has been married to Louise for 52 years and the union has produced three children.
  • Pastor John Clement KEANE
    Pastor, Elder and Bible Teacher within the Chris¬tian Brethren Assemblies of Jamaica, and in particular, Bethany Gospel Hall in Kingston. His ministry commenced in 1960 as a Youth Lead¬er at Bethany Gospel Hall. He was ordained as a Pastor in 1981 at Florida Bible Church in Mi¬ami. 51 years of Ministry to the Body of Christ. His formal training was received from the Ja¬maica Theological Seminary, Florida Bible College, the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology (CGST) and Bakke Graduate Univer¬sity, where he obtained gualifications in Theol¬ogy including the Doctorate in Ministry. Such qualifications have equipped him to be an accomplished Bible teqcher and Theologica Education Administrator (at the CGST). He is the Caribbean's Representative to the Inter¬national Council of the Caribbean Literature Crusade International and has been the edi¬tor of the Caribbean Challenge Magazine for 22 years reaching thousands across the Carib¬bean with the word of God. A faithful elder, pastor, teacher - he has been married to Vilma for 43 years and they have three children.
  • Rev Clyde Aubrey JENNINGS
    Pastor, associated with the Jamaica Baptist Union, with his home church being the Old Harbour Baptist Church. He began his ministry at the age of 28 years and was ordained as a Pastor in 1961. 51 years of service to the Lord and to His Church. Over those years, he pastored in the Frankfield Circuit of Baptist Churches and was responsible for the establishment of the Grace Baptist and the Trout Hall Baptist Churches in Clarendon. His qualifications include a College Diploma and a Masters of Arts Degree and he's now in the process of writing articles and books on the various issues affecting the Christian faith. Pastor Jennings has also given sterling service to the wider community through his chairmanship on at least 3 school boards (including the Edwin Allen Comprehensive High School for 46 years) and the Jamaica Library Service which he has served on for 20 years. Ranked as one of the most outstanding leaders in the Jamaica Baptist Union, he is married to lona for 50 years and they have four children.
  • Rev Gilbert Godwin Bowen
    Pastor, associated with the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas. His ministry began in 1960 in St. Thomas and he was ordained in 1962 at the Wesley Methodist Church, Kingston. 52 years of Ministry to the Body of Christ. His formal training in Theology was received at the United Theological College of the West Indies and the University of London. Reverend Bowen pastored in 6 churches in Jamaica, Honduras and Belize and has held several various posts in the Methodist Church including District Secretary (in the Jamaica District for 20 years - longer than any other appointee) and Superintendent - Belize/Honduras and Jamaica Districts. In service to the nation and community, he has served on various school boards and on the Board of the Bible Society of the West Indies. He is a founding member of the Ocho Rios Ministers' Fraternal and has served on the Spanish Town Ministers' Fraternal and the Meadhaven Ministers' Fraternal. He is well known for his "soul-searching, provocative and incisive" sermons and although now in retiring years, continues to give of himself to the work of the Kingdom. He has been married to Winnifred for 20 years and has 3 children.
  • Rev Esselita Williams
    Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Intercessor at Ihe Bethel Open Bible Church in Osbourne Store, Clarendon. Her ministry began in 1962 and she was later ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in 1979. 52 years of service to God and the Church. A farmer by profession, Pastor Wil¬liams who is currently the Assistant Pastor at the Bethel Open Bible Church has committed her life to the work of God - serving as Counsellor, Pastor, Song Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader and Prayer Mother. In the wider Christian community, she has been a Board Member on the Clarendon Chapter of the Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches for over 30 years. Pastor Williams has been a consistent dedicated intercessor and prayer warrior, praying for the delivery of the spiritually and physically impaired at the May Pen Hospi¬tal and May Pen Infirmary. She was married to Syvanus Williams, who pre-cleceased her.
  • Rev Edwin Ezekiel Foster
    Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher associated with the Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches. He commenced ministry in 1960 at age 26, and was ordained in 1967. 52 years of dedicated Christian service. Having received biblical training from the Assemblies of God Bible College in Chapelton, Clarendon he went on to shepherd congregations at Gate Way Assembly, St. Thomas, Ebenezer Assembly in Portland and the Evangel Tabernacle in Old Harbour, which he served for 44 years. He founded the Grace Assembly in Summerfeld Clarendon in 1964 and has dedicated his life to full time ministry of the Gospel. His literary works include "Unveiling the mysteries of the Christian Faith"; "Heart and Soul Religion"; and several books not yet published. One of his special outreach projects is the Deeper Truth School of Evangelism in Summerfield, Chapelton which he established in 1980 to provide biblical teachings for the strengthening of the believer. Rev. Foster has greatly contributed to the development of the Assemblies of God in Jamaica, holding positions such as Assistant Superintendent, Country Superintendent and National Teacher. He has been married to Jannett for 25 years and has three children.
  • Rev Lascelles Richards
    Pastor, Evangelist, associated with the Assemblies of God in Jamaica. Pastor Richards' ministry began at the age of 19 years and was ordained in the ministry in 1980 in Kingston. He has dedicated 52 years to the work of the Lord pastoring 6 churches-all in the parish of St Catherine - the latest being Good News Assemblies of God in Portmore where he has been for the last 19 years. He is responsible for founding 2 churches - the Faith Assemblies of God, and the Good News Assemblies of God in Portmore. An active member of the Portmore Ministers' Fraternal, Pastor Richards has held the positions of Treasurer (6 years) and Vice Chairman (2 years). He led the youth in the Assemblies of God in Jamaica as National Youth Leader for the period 1978 to 1990. Pastor Richards is an innovative and community- oriented minister and his special projects include the Good News Plaza - which is an income generating project for the benefit of the Church and the community in Portmore; a ddy-care centre and nursery on the Good News Assemblies of God compound to serve the surrounding communities. He has been married to Una May for 36 years and has 3 children.
  • Bro.Trevor Noel Bancroft Williams J.P.
    Musicidn, Choir Director - Active servant in the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas - Jamaica Methodist District but more particularly, at his local church St. John's Methodist, Anchovy, St. James. He has dedicated 54 years to the work of our Lord. A trained Accountant, Bro. Williams has dedicated almost his entire life to the service of God and the Church. Advanced studies in music have enabled him to become an accomplished organist and Choir Director. His 'major focus over the years has been ministry through music and the enhancement of worship. He is a masterful player of several musical instruments and has set high standards for those he leads, teaches and inspires. His work is well known, not only in his local church, St. John's Methodist but in the wider Montego Bay Community. An active member of the Lay Magistrates' Association and the Jamaica Boys' Brigade, Bro Williams has been faithful to the call of God on his life and has served his community with distinction. He continues to inspire others to offer only their best service to God. He has been married to Patience for 48 years and together they have 3 children.
  • Bishop Vincent Alexander Lawrence
    Bishop, Exalter, Pastor - His pastoral ministry began at the New Testament Church of God in Manchioneal, Portland in 1953 at age 31. He was ordained as a Bishop in 1984. In his over 59 years of service to the Church, Bishop Lawrence has pastored approximately 18 churches. He was also involved in the extension/construction of new facilities such as church buildings or manses wherever he pastored. He founded the New Testament Church of God at Top Hill, Clarendon and the Coates Pen Deliverance Centre, Clarendon (1996) - where he currently ministers at 90 years old. Noteworthy, in his dedication to evangelism - he once walked approximately 72 miles from Mile Gully to Rest (Milk River) to preach, receiving only a "soda" in return but fulfilling the call to spread the good news. He has an active ministry of praying for people over the radio and several have been delivered and healed under his ministry. He is well-known for providing shelter in his own home to the poor in his community and for inviting the less fortunate to dinner. Bishop Lawrence has been married to Althia for 18 years.
  • Rev William Anthony Edwards
    Pastor and Evangelist associated with the Jamaica Baptist Union. Now retired, Rev. Edwards entered Ministry at the Christ Church Baptist Church, Jones Town in 1950 at age 26, and was ordained at the Tarrant Baptist Church in 1977. 62 years of dedicated service to His Lord and the Church. Having served his nation as a Certified Tax Inspector, Rev. Edwards committed his life to the work of the Lord by pastoring 4 churches in the Jamaica Baptist Union including Bethel Baptist (8 years); Tarrant Baptist (almost 20 years), Hanover Baptist and Red Hills Baptist. He founded the Balmagie Baptist Church (Kingston 11) in 1987. He has made his contributions on national and international organizations, such as the Source of Light Mission, (Chairman up to 1982); the Bible Society of the West Indies (General Secretary - 1974- 1994); Shortwood Practising & Junior High School (Chairman - 1990 - 1999) and the United Bible Societies in London and Miami (Member of the Regional and General Committees). His autobiography "Life, What a Journey" was published in 201 land captures much of the work done by this stalwart of the Christian faith. Outreach projects include a weekly programme (in collaboration with Food for the Poor and the National Bakery) catering to the needs of the less fortunate in the Balmalgie community in South West, St. Andrew. Rev Edwards is married to Fern Adelaide and has three children.
  • Evangelist Dr. Etheline Palmer
    Prophetess, Pastor, Evangelist, Counsellor, Teacher and Intercessor; associated with the United Pentecostal Church - her ministry began in 1947 at the age of 15 years and she was ordained in 1950 at the Pentecostal Tabernacle (UPC), Wildman Street. 65 yedrs of service to her Lord and the Church. Pastor of the Bamboo Faith Truth Tabernacle in Bamboo, St. Ann for 18 years, she served dlong with her late husband to help mould the lives of numerous new converts in the St. Ann area. Her qualifications include a Ph.D in Christian Education from the International University of Biblical Studies, USA; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education (UWI); Certificate in Music from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts; and Certificate of Education ( Shortwood Teachers College). She has held several positions in the UPC including Director of Missions Programme, President of the Youth Department and National Island Secretdry. Dr. Palmer is co-founder, National Director and Former Principal of the Jamaica Apostolic Bible Institute (JABI) and has co-authored the 'Apostolic Handbook of 100 Commonly Asked Questions and Answers'. Additionally, she has been a presenter on the Pentecostal Gospel Temple Radio Programme "Morning Dew" and on "Voice of Holiness". This gem of the Christian faith extends her reach to the community through outreach projects such as the Prayer Retreat Bethel South Camp, the establishment of Basic Schools in Lillyfield and Lumsden.St. Ann and the establishment of "All-Island Prayer Group". Dr. Palmer was married for 30 years to the late Reverend Anthony Palmer, who pre-deceased her. She has 4 children.
  • Pastor Winston Leslie Nembhard J.P.
    Pastor, Elder, Teacher - associated with the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas - Jamaica Methodist District. His ministry began in 1945 at age 15 but he was later accredited as a Preacher in 1952 at the Mountainside Methodist Church in St. Elizabeth. 67 years of service to God and man. A trained teacher, he has served this nation's children as an educator at the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level. Notably, Pastor Nembhard was principal of the Excelsior Community College for 10 years. He studied Theological and Biblical studies at the Florida State University which further equipped him to serve as Preacher, Lay Pastor and Homiletics tutor to preachers in various circuits/districts in the Methodist Church. He has produced several literary works (published and unpublished) including "Christian Stewardship: Roots & Fruits" and approximately 500 articles, which have been issued in Church magazines and bulletins. Unquestionable service in outreach programmes - he has served ds Member of Faith and Order Commission of the Jamaica Council of Churches; Chaplain of the Golden Age Home from 1990 to 2003; Chaplain of the Olympic Way Police for 4 years; Anchor and broadcaster on the weekly Methodist programme "Light for Our Path". A true and faithful steward of God's gifts, Pastor Nembhard has been married to Marjorie for 56 years and has three children.
  • Rev Claude Langton Cadogan O.D., Hon LLD,
    Teacher, Pastor - in the Methodist Church. Born 97 years ago in Belize City (then known as British Honduras), he was registered as a citizen of Jamaica in 1962- Jamaica's year of independence. Called to ministry in 1935 at the age of 19 years old and ordained in 1945, he has given 72 years of sterling service to God's work - pastoring in Belize, Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. A gradu¬ate of the Caenwood Theological Sen/ice now United Theological College of the West Indies and St. Andrews College, Selly Oak, London, Rev Cadogan is a prolific writer, who has written over 150 papers on subjects such as Methodism, Doctrine, Christian Beliefs and Practices, and continues to write and share with colleagues. He has held the positions of Secretary of Synod/Conference in Belize and Jamaica, Actg. Chairman of the Jamaica Synod/Conference, Pastoral and Administra-tive Head of the Methodist Church in the Ca-ribbean and the Americas, Tutor and Trainer of Lay Preachers in the Methodist Church, JDF Chaplain, Methodist Chaplain at UWI and President of the Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC), among others. He was an Executive Member of the World Methodist Council of Churches and has participated in outreach projects such as disaster relief, farm-ing clinics, medical assistance and recruit¬ment of teams for medical missions through his executive membership on the Jamaica Ecumenical Mutual Mission (a collaborative effort of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, the Moravian Church and the Methodist Church). Among his many talents and interests is that of being a self- taught draughtsman/architect who has been involved in special projects with the Methodist Church, perhaps his most prominent being his work on the Wesley Church in Belize. This stal-wart of the Faith has been married to Lola Ve-ronica for 68 years and fathered four children, one of whom has pre-deceased him.